Our Services

Our Services

As well as being your first port of call for medicine and health advice, we offer a number of free NHS Wales-funded services to make it easier and more convenient for you to take care of your health and the health of your loved ones.

From treating minor illnesses or ailments to reviewing your medication, from supporting you to stop smoking to helping you recover from a hospital stay, we are committed to providing excellent healthcare and supporting NHS Wales for the benefit of the whole community.


We Are Qualified to

Prescription & Delivery

Collect, dispense and deliver your prescriptions.

Medicines Use Review

Review your regular medications regularly.

Smoking Cessation

Let us help you stop smoking, every step of the way.

Other Services

Common Ailments

Treat minor illnesses and ailments.

Seasonal Flu Jabs

Protect yourself against flu with one of our vaccinations.

Discharge Medicine Review

Help you recover from a hospital.

Triage & Treat

We can treat a lot of minor injuries.

Waste Medicine

Safely dispose of your medicine.

Substance Misuse

Provide support on substance misuse.

Emergency Contraceptive

We can provide the morning after pill.

Lots More

Contact us if any service isn’t listed, we can help !
To find out more about each service, please click on the links provided above.

In addition, we offer a private, paid-for Seasonal Flu Vaccination for those not eligible under the NHS

All of our pharmacies have a private consultation room and all services are administered discretely and in the strictest confidence.

We’re not just your local pharmacy; we’re your community health hub.

Please note, our pharmacists are not able to provide guidance on or treat every health condition. If you require more specialist or urgent advice, please don’t hesitate to call your GP or the relevant emergency services.

Not all these services are available at every store. To check the specific services available in your local Evans Pharmacy, please contact us.

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