Triage and Treat

Triage and Treat *only available at Glen & St Clears pharmacies

Certain injuries don’t always require a trip to A&E. Our NHS Wales-funded Triage + Treat service can help if you’ve had a low-level injury and could save you having to take a trip to hospital or an out-of-hours GP.  

About the service
The Triage + Treat service is a new service being offered in specific community pharmacies to help you if you have had a low-level injury. Some injuries can be treated successfully in the pharmacy rather than having to visit a doctor or an A&E Department.

Can I access this service?
Visitors, holiday makers and local residents can all use the service, especially when the GP practice is not open.

The types of injuries that can be treated under this service are:

  • Minor abrasions, superficial cuts and wounds
  • Eye complaints such as sand in the eye
  • Removal of items from the skin such as a splinter or shell
  • Minor burns including sunburn

Feel Free To Get In Touch

  • Please use an up to date email. This is where we will send all correspondence.
  • We respect your privacy and will only use the details you submit to respond to your enquiry. Please see our privacy policy.

How can I access the service?
Just pop in to our St Clears store in Carmarthen or our Glen store in Tenby – please check our opening times first. The service will be provided by one of our pharmacists or members of the pharmacy team who has had special training.  The pharmacist will first ‘triage’ your injury.  This means they will look at your injury and make a decision as to whether they can ‘treat’ you there or if you need to seek treatment from another healthcare professional.  If the injury is too serious to be treated in the pharmacy you will be given advice about where to go.

What happens next?
When you arrive at the pharmacy you will:

  • Be asked for your agreement (consent) to be examined
  • Have a triage (assessment) of your condition
  • If appropriate, be treated or advised about where you should go for your treatment
  • Your own GP will be told about any treatment given
  • You will also be asked to let us know your views on the service

Please note While Triage + Treat is provided free under the NHS, you will need to pay for any after care you may need, such as over the counter pain relief.

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