Smoking Cessation

Giving up smoking will improve your health, the health of those you live with and your bank balance. It may be tough, but with our free NHS Wales-funded Smoking Cessation service, you’re 4 times more likely to give up smoking for good*.

The service outlined here is the Smoking Cessation Level 3 service which is provided exclusively by pharmacies. In all but one of our pharmacies we also offer Level 2 which involves counselling provided by Stop Smoking Wales and then the advised treatment dispensed by the pharmacy. 

About the service
If you’re like 67% of smokers who want to quit**, our Smoking Cessation Level 3 service provides counselling, treatment, guidance on devices and managing side effects, as well as ongoing support to help you stay motivated – all completely free of charge.

Smokers have different reasons for wanting to quit and experience different barriers to doing it. We provide a non-judgemental and supportive service to help you get through each step. We won’t expect you to quit the first day we see you.

We are a trusted provider of NHS stop smoking services, so you’ll always be treated by one of our professional, accredited pharmacists or level 3 technicians.

    Can I access this service?
    You are able to access the Smoking Cessation Service if you are a smoker or within 4 weeks of attempting to quit. You must also be over 18, live in Wales, be registered with a GP Practice in Wales and be resident in the pharmacy’s area. If you’re aged between 12 and 17 you may also be able to enrol, but we’ll need to carry out a brief assessment first.
    If you’ve previously accessed this service, you will usually need to wait six months before you’re able to re-enrol.

    Feel Free To Get In Touch

    • Please use an up to date email. This is where we will send all correspondence.
    • We respect your privacy and will only use the details you submit to respond to your enquiry. Please see our privacy policy.

    How can I access the service?
    The best place to start is to pop in and have a chat to one of our friendly team. In some cases, your doctor may refer you to us directly.

    One of our pharmacists will offer you a private consultation. In most cases, you won’t have to wait. They’ll talk you through the service, listen and ask you a few questions – everything you tell them will be kept strictly confidential.

    The pharmacist will take a few of your personal details to register you for the service– please bring a form of identification with you if you’re not a current patient of ours.

    They’ll also take a baseline reading of the carbon monoxide level in your body and agree on an achievable quit date with you.

    What happens next?
    At the end of your initial consultation, you’ll be prescribed some medical treatment to take away free of charge. This is usually a nicotine patch and an inhalator, mouth spray, nasal spray or nicotine gum.

    We’ll also book you an appointment for your first follow-up support session.

    We’ll invite you to 7 follow-up consultations after your initial one. During your fifth session, we’ll measure the level of carbon monoxide in your body again to show the impact that stopping smoking has had.

    How long does it take?
    The whole process usually takes around 12 weeks.

    The initial consultation and registration should take around 20 minutes and we will do our very best not to keep you waiting.  Follow-up appointments usually last around 5-10 minutes depending on your needs.

    Please note
    For your health and wellbeing, you can only register for the Smoking Cessation Service with one pharmacy at a time.  If you miss two consecutive consultations without giving us 24 hours’ notice, we may have to discharge you from the service.

    Need some more information?
    Just give us a call, drop us a message or pop in to one of our branches. We’re here to help.

    * NHS Smoke-free
    *NHS Wales

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: It’s not easy for me to get to the pharmacy. Can you do consultations over the phone?

    A: Unfortunately, we cannot do smoking cessation consultations over the phone. For your own safety and privacy, they must be carried out in store.

    Q: Do I need to complete the full 12 weeks of the service?

    A: You do not have to attend all 12 weeks, but if you do complete the full service you will be much more likely to give up smoking for good.

    Q: What happens if I change my mind about quitting?

    A: We’ll be here as and when you decide to quit in future. However, if you leave the service part-way through, you will need to wait six months before you re-register.

    Q: What treatments do you recommend to help me?

    A: We offer a range of Nicotine replacement products to help you quit. These include patches, inhalators, nasal sprays, mouth sprays and nicotine gum.

    Q: Do the inhalators cost anything?

    A: No. If you need one, they are provided as part of the free NHS Wales-funded Smoking Cessation service

    Q: What are the side effects of nicotine?

    A: It depends on the type of nicotine treatment. If you experience unpleasant side effects, we can change the type of treatment to one you can tolerate.

    Q: What can I do to minimise withdrawal symptoms?

    A: We often prescribe what’s known as ‘dual therapy’ to help you manage withdrawal symptoms. Usually this means a patch to give you a base level nicotine level during the day and an inhalator, mouth spray, nasal spray or nicotine gum for additional support when you need it.

    Q: Can I complete the service more quickly?

    A: For your best chance of quitting, we recommend completing the full 12 weeks.

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